Animated Christmas Film

Animated Christmas Film

Animated films and branded content are something we are now being regularly commissioned to produce and we were pleased to be asked by our client Nix Communications to work with them to create this heart-warming, animated Christmas film.

The Nix marketing team provided us with the story outline and we worked in consultation with them to flesh out the idea and develop storyboards. It was important to keep the content and visuals engaging, whilst still demonstrating the dependable and innovative nature of Nix Communications. We brought the story to life by creating the characters and backdrops.


We used the set and props in the animation to reinforce Nix’s brand and product base, highlighting key partner ‘Unify’ where appropriate. This was done by using the actual phones and software that Nix provide, and through paying close attention to the online systems they install, and the benefits Nix Communications bring to businesses.

There was no dialogue, so the music was an integral part of the narrative. We worked with one of our regular composers to create a bespoke soundtrack.

The animation was rolled out on several social media channels and garnered lots of publicity and fantastic feedback for the client, helping them stand out from their competition.


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