Animated Information Videos

Animated Information Videos

Presenting information in an entertaining and engaging way ensures that viewers keep watching and come back for more!  Animation is a great way of doing this as it can transport you away from the real world into a fantasy or fictional environment, helping to explain complex information in a fun and interesting way.
Our ‘ Essentials’ series for Innovate UK provides helpful hints and advice for start-up companies about subjects such as pitching, recruitment and cyber security.  It has proved hugely successful on YouTube and in social media with over 560,000 views so far.
Animation is an increasingly popular and affordable promotional tool and we have a talented in-house team of multi-skilled animators at Cass Productions. We can offer a wide variety of style and tone of animation which can include character designs, text, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, suitable for any audience or budget.
Animations we have produced feature in exhibitions at museums and galleries, on the BBC Bitesize website for schools, and even at the naming ceremony for the new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough.  Our clients include UKRI, General Electric, CAB, Panavision, LEE Filters, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Leicester Museum, Southampton City Council.
Whether you need an animated promotional or instructional film, info graphics for social media or TV, or content for an exhibition – Cass Productions  can provide the solution for you.


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