Dryad Running Wear

Dryad - Womens Running Wear

Case study videos are something we love making, as we get to visit loads of fabulous companies throughout the UK and meet lots of inspiring people. We have been making case study videos for the British Business Bank and the Start Up Loans Company for nearly 10 years now. The videos are used across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to promote various strands of work and funding options. One of our favourites is this series of videos for Dryad,  who are based in Brecon, Wales.  They are  an outdoor sportswear company, who are transparent, eco-friendly, community-driven and help provide opportunities and support women to participate in sports at all levels. They were established in 2019 and accessed finance and support from the Start Up Loans Company. As well as producing, filming and editing these videos, we also provided professional photography services. Other companies we have featured include BakedIn, Miss Macaroon and NQ64. Many of our films such as this one include aerial footage filmed by one of our fully-qualified drone operators.





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