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The Future Flight challenge is investing up to £125 million to develop greener ways to fly, such as all-electric aircraft and deliveries by drone, by advancing electric and autonomous flight technologies. The investment is matched by £175 million from industry.

The challenge aims to bring together technologies in electrification, aviation systems and autonomy to create new modes of air travel and capability. It will:

  • create the aviation system of the future
  • increase mobility, improve connectivity and reduce congestion for people across the UK
  • advance electric and autonomous flight technologies to help the UK reach its net zero target
  • drive technology investment to the UK by increasing UK manufacturing and service opportunities.

We created this short animation for Innovate UK to help launch the latest phase of the programme. This 2.5D animation style is created by using clever shading techniques and depth of field to give a 3D effect at a much lower cost.


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