LGA Mixed Media Film

LGA Mixed Media Film

We produced this mixed media film after winning a tender by the LGA (Local Government Association). The brief was to produce a top level film to promote their Pathways to Planning Scheme.

We were responsible for all aspects of this film, including scriptwriting, casting, producing, filming, editing, illustrating and animating. The film mixes real footage with distinctive animation inspired by the Pathways to Planning brand.

The built environment of homes, workplaces, parks and roads which makes up our communities is constantly adapting and growing. Planners are responsible for managing this evolutionary process. They consider everything from big picture factors like climate change to individual needs for affordable and accessible housing to determine what is built, how it is built and who it is built for.

The LGA’s new graduate scheme, Pathways to Planning, equips talented individuals to fast track their career as a planner in local government. Graduates will work full-time in a local council planning team for a minimum of three years, learning on the job and studying part-time on a fully-funded postgraduate course. They will receive paid time off to study, varied work experience and mentoring to help boost their career.