Liverpool FC Branding & Graphic Design

Liverpool FC - Branding & Graphic Design

This graphic design, branding and signage project for Liverpool Football Club kept us busy throughout most of 2020. It’s really satisfying to see everything in place and the building now being used by the players and staff. Following on from our work at Melwood, we were tasked with coming up with concepts and design ideas for a big chunk of the internal branding/graphic design for Liverpool’s new training ground. We liaised with department heads to get an idea of their thinking and then came up with design concepts and recommendations for materials and finishing. We then engaged our trusted partners MX Display to get everything printed/manufactured and installed, working alongside them to bring our vision to life. The fantastic feedback has made it all worth it.

“Cass Productions have produced exceptional work for LFC for almost 10 years, so we were delighted to get them involved in the design and branding at our new training ground. Their creativity and attention to detail is evident in the finished work and their project management skills are first-class.” – Michael Edwards – Sporting Director, Liverpool FC



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Branding and Graphic design