Prysmian Cables Offshore Construction Daedalus Site

Prysmian Cables Offshore Construction - Daedalus Site

Prysmian Cables & Systems asked us to capture their latest offshore construction project in Hampshire, which aims to connect the electricity systems of Great Britain and France using high voltage subsea cables between Normandy in France and Hampshire in Great Britain.

Due to our wealth of expertise in the aerial filming sector and the majority of the construction site being located offshore, we decided the best medium to showcase this project would be the use of aerial filming accompanied by the use of our 4k ground based cameras. Using a drone can be useful when filming large locations such as construction sites to ensure we capture every aspect of the project and showcase the vast scale of the project.  The site was also located next to a small airport which required specialist CAA exemption to allow our operators to fly in close proximity to the airfield whilst staying safe and within the legal paramters of the CAA’s drone code.

At Cass Productions we offer a comprehensive range of multi-level filming techniques and choices of camera options. From interior and exterior aerial filming to RC controlled Gimbal cars which allow for an extremely dynamic low camera angle with full 3-axis control to create never-before-seen shots. We have over 20 years of video production experience and work with our clients to ensure they have the best possible tools and solutions to showcase their project effectively.

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