Shared Ownership Animation

Shared Ownership Animation

This explainer animation was produced in conjunction with the Guinness Partnership and Pearl Comms. In addition to this 60 second animation, we also produced several cut down versions in different aspect ratios for use across social media.

The Guinness Partnership is a national housing developer with locations across the country. They offer a mixture of outright sale and shared ownership properties and wanted this animation to promote the shared ownership homebuying route.

  • To promote and educate prospective buyers about shared ownership.
  • To debunk common misconceptions around shared ownership.
  • To demonstrate its affordability and practicality.
  • To outline the buying journey and what it entails from start to finish.
  • Promoting the benefits of shared ownership.

Key messages:

  • Shared ownership is a more affordable, attainable route to homeownership.
  • Shared ownership means you own a share of your own home, without the cost of purchasing the whole property.
  • It is more affordable than renting an identical rental property.
  • Shared ownership is the perfect solution for first-time buyers as it requires a much smaller deposit.
  • You purchase a percentage of the property in line with how much you can afford.
  • Shares are typically between 25% and 75%.
  • You can increase your share percentage over time, all the way up to 100% ownership.

Find out more about the Guinness Partnership here: