Clearing Videos – Southampton Solent University

Animation / Video Production

Clearing Videos

We produced a series of university clearing videos for Southampton Solent University to guide students through the clearing process in a friendly and helpful way, using a combination of live action footage and animation. Key information is presented through clear and engaging kinetic typography whilst the friendly-looking vector characters help to make the process feel less daunting. The series of films includes videos covering different stages of the process, from top tips for clearing to how to enter clearing and even what to do after clearing.

We also produced a video of case studies from real students who have been through the clearing process to provide advice and reassurance about the benefits of clearing. In this video, Southampton Solent Students Jodie, Daniel and Joe look at the reality of clearing, discussing their own experiences of applying for university through clearing and cutting through some of the popular clearing myths.

We have produced university promo videos for a number of clients throughout the UK.

Clearing at Southampton Solent University is handled by the dedicated Clearing call centre. At peak times, there will be more than 70 operators on hand to handle your calls. The friendly call centre team is made up of student ambassadors, admissions staff, and current students who went through the Clearing process themselves.

More information about the clearing process and the various university clearing videos we produced can be found on the Southampton University website.