GDPR Animation – NICVA


GDPR Animation – NICVA

Explaining General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, is no mean feat!  It can be complicated and confusing. So a clear and concise GDPR animation is the ideal way get the information across in an entertaining way.

We worked with NICVA, the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, to explain GDPR to the voluntary and community sectors. They commissioned us to create 5 short films to explain key data protection issues, using a warm, friendly character called the GDPR fairy.  Our designers created character concepts, storyboards and scripts which were user tested before settling on the final imagery and content.

We chose a well known Irish voice over artist who comes across as warm, trusted and knowledgeable. The information she provides is backed up with succinct bullet points and signposts to further information available on the NICVA website. We ensured that the supporting graphics are clear and legible with a carefully paced narrative, to ensure that viewers have time to digest the detail.


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