OakTec – Product Development Video

Aerial / Video Production

Energy Catalyst – OakTec Product Development Video

Product development and marketing can be greatly enhanced by an effective video campaign.  Films can engage and impress future clients and improve overall understanding of the product.

Innovate UK commissioned us to make this film about a technology company called Oaktec, who are developing a low cost, low emission, internal combustion engine that uses gas fuels, including biogas.

We worked extensively with the Oaktec team to capture impactful and epic drone footage of the car in action to demonstrate it’s handling and speed, and used slo-mo and detailed shots to show the original design of the engine. This, combined with an inspirational soundtrack and interviews with the team helps engage viewers and create a buzz about the future of the Pulse-R engine.



  • Client: Energy Catalyst
  • Task:  Product Development Video
  • Website: Energy Catalyst